Chain conveyors serve for a transport of loose material or material in pieces. They are used mostly in agriculture for transport of grain, seed, obilných šrotov, dry mass to the container or further processing. The transporting product entrances the belt conveyor through the hopper and is transported by the drivers (floats, buckets) through the bottom channel. The drivers are fixed on the transport chain. The chain conveyors (REDLER) are completely covered because of dustiness. The chain conveyors are used in other industry branches, i.e. for the transport of sawdust, wooden granules, hot forgings, crates and pallets. The type, shape and measures of the belt conveyor are always designed according to the transported material, its measure, required transporting power and individual requirements of the customer. The drive of the conveyors Convec s.r.o. is realized through the electric gear mostly direct. According to the requirements of the customer we can construct  complete conveyors  including electric installation, automation, gear regulation, control regulation or without electric installation. Our aim is always to provide an optimal solution for  the customer regarding to his requirements and a  long life of the conveyors.