1. Non-driven roller conveyors ( free-running and gravitational )
Standard diameters of rollers d = 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80 mm. Roller material: plastic, zinc-coated thin steel or stainless steel pipe. The maximum width of the roller depends on diameter, zinc-coated material and load on the roller.

2. Driven roller conveyors
Standard diameters of rollers are the same as for non-driven conveyors. The drive is provided by chain together with sprocket wheels on the sides of the rollers. According to the weight and dimensions of transported objects, all, or only some, of the rollers are driven. The speed of the rollers could be constant, or regulated by variator (mechanically), or by frequency converter (electronically).

Non-driven roller conveyors

Driven roller conveyors