Worm conveyors serve mainly for transport of dry loose material or other material, too. Usage of the worm conveyor is necessary to consult with the producer. They are mainly used in a food and a building industry also in a chemical and a woodworking industry. The base of the conveyor consists of the tube or the canal, the worm rotates inside it ( a spiral on the shaft). The construction depends on the transported material, power parameters and measurement requirements of the customer. Construction material depends on the usage and the kind of the transported material. A great variety of material is used, i.e. black steel and different kinds of stainless steel. The drive of the conveyors Convec, s.r.o. is realized through the electric gear mostly direct.  According to the requirements of the customer we can construct  complete conveyors  including electric installation, automation, gear regulation, control regulation or without electric instalation. Our aim is always to provide optimal solution to the customer regarding to his requirements and a  long life of the conveyors